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Erotic Photo Session $160/hour

Includes up to ten (10) optimized images of your choice from the photo session. The optimized images are suitable for on-line use, ready to upload to apps and profiles, send by email or text. Extra optimized pics and extra time available for extra charge.


  1. It’s best if the day before of your photo session you don’t go out all night bar-hopping. Not event the most talented photographer can bring out the best in someone who is hungover. It’s also best to reschedule the session if you’re ill, have a cold, had a really (really) bad day or something. You want to look your best so get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of fluids and eat right the day before and the day of the shoot. Believe me—it shows.
  2. If you shave your body you should do so about two days before the session so your skin doesn’t look red and irritated. Avoid tanning beds and extended periods in the hot sun for a day or two before the session—you don’t want to be sun burnt and blotchy.
  3. If you have examples of photos or styles that inspire you, by all means show them to me. Maybe we can incorporate some of those elements and ideas into your photo session.
  4. If we’ll shooting at your place, make sure the space where we’ll be taking the photos (either indoors or outdoors) is clean, organized and ready for the session. So if we’re going to be taking pictures in the kitchen, make sure to get rid of the dirty dishes or other things that might spoil the shots, or organize your bedroom, bathroom-clean up the shower, etc, etc…
  5. If your house or apartment just isn’t right for a photo session we can always check out other options like my place, hotel room, etc.
  6. If you want to take photos with your boyfriend/partner/significant other I don’t have any problem with that at all. Just talk about that ‘before’ the session and for an extra charge we can work on that.

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